Family business is funny business. 

Or at least it is some of the time. Truth is, we never set out intentionally to remodel homes. Dan was set to be a full missionary and John was well into his teaching career. Along the way, they worked various jobs from commercial construction to building custom homes. As for the lady side of things, Erin became an orthotist and Sarah became a teacher, turned stay at home mom, turned wedding designer. So it's funny, really, when a group of people going in a whole lot of different directions start heading down the same path.   

Ultimately, we never could have dreamed up this business alone. God placed this dream on our hearts after a long season of yearning for something more. This was a time when the status quo would no longer do. To live our years out in safety seemed like only a waste of a good life. We wanted an adventure. One that would take us out of our comfort zone, and into something that could only succeed through God's provision. 

So while sitting in a kiddie pool in Dan's backyard, we decided to say yes to the God dream and set out to start a business that could remodel homes and renovate lives. It is our new lease on renovation. As things unfold, we will keep you posted on our plans to change lives here in Rapid City, South Dakota and around the world. 

John - Licensed Contractor, Carpenter
Dan - Carpenter, Woodworker
Sarah - Designer
Erin - Designer

VL Homes remodel and design co Rapid City SD